"What a freak!»: details about the Citroen Ami 6 in the test drive video

«What a freak!»: details about the Citroen Ami 6 in the test drive video

On one of the balls Winter 1837 Murder by year Mary passed gloomy Pushkin, just watched, as a legitimate wife bathed in compliments countless suitors. Murder itself, on its own admission, also admired Natalie: "What a delightful establishment!». But Alexander called her a completely different feeling. "What a freak! - flashed through the mind of a maid of honor Murder. – What monster ". Same, It's possible, comes to mind, and the, who for the first time sees Citroen Ami 6. What's the "French style"! This little car quite rightly excels in the rankings of the most ugly cars XX century, and more surprising, that far not one beauty gave him his goodwill. Among them - Yvonne de Gaulle, wife of the President of the Fifth Republic.


At the moment, it is impossible to imagine, that wives senior officials, whether in Russia or any other advanced country, Do a little every day go to people on cheap car with deliberately repulsive appearance. But the wife of President de Gaulle did not hesitate: in her husband's limousine DS it has no place, and the French auto industry with the breadth of choice then nothing alternative Citroen Ami 6, oddly enough, I could not offer, But cars were at least diminish ...

Bertone vinovat!

60 years back Citroen engineers, We began preparations for the release of their own at the time of the third model: needed something to fill the space between ultradeshovym, (a), precisely the cheapest car in Europe at that time 2CV, and luxury, offers the comfort of top class, DS, gromyhnuvshim in the first day of the Paris exhibition 1955 twelve years collected by thousands of orders.

Only two years was released last Traction Avant - even pre-war design, Only a year at the helm of Citroen rose unparalleled CEO Pierre Berko. It was he who defined the terms of reference for the design team, headed old partner "Citro" Flaminio Bertoni: "Trohobomny body, large trunk, length of not more than 4,5 meters ". At first, had a hand in all these models Citroen, Bertone, and in fact I decided to make a hybrid: cross "De shvo" and very popular in the artistic and business circles limousine DS.

A year later the light appeared a strange Projet C-60, It looks really reminiscent of a smaller copy of DS, Only a clearly marked trunk and rear window with reverse tilt. These glasses were used then and malehankih "Ford", and later - on srednemerazmernyh Mercury, a harbinger of this decision was hanging over the glass roof. Later ads Mercury so emphasized the advantages of glass with reverse tilt: "Our new design Breezeway frees you from the rain, snow, of wind, smoke, sun in the cabin and excessive noise ". Subsequently serial Ami from Projet C-60 and only went to the slope of the rear window, more - nothing, despite the fact that on the expensive versions expected to put even the hydropneumatic suspension of the DS.

After Projet C-60, on which the French thundered much money, appeared, at last, prototype of the future Ami - Projet M. As long as the team is engaged in search Bertone appearance, the press leaked the information about the latest car and artists have begun offering their own versions of "wrapped" in a real body 2SV.

Reporters immediately called the future novelty 3SV. The press largely guessed from appearance - this applies primarily to the stern and perform rear with tilted in the "reverse" side of the glass. But with "rozhoy person" came confusion. Instead of round headlights like DS 19 and 2CV, falling forward bonnet stripes and pronounced front fenders, to light a completely different car - with a vertical front part, rectangular lanterns, climbed into the wide chrome frame, and unusual recess on the hood. By the way, Now "sitroenovtsy" consider, it specifically they asked the fashion of rectangular headlights!

Generally, export versions, destined for the US, fangled lights still changed to dual round - so accustomed. As for the design as a whole, this "masterpiece", which was the last major work Bertone, artist whether in joke, whether in all seriousness he called the best of the projects created by him.

Let us glance, that he has under the hood.

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Citroen Ami 6. Note the slope of the rear window — This solution is used to Citroen Ami another «Fordakh». At the same time take a look under the hood!

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And that, Ami - this one, particularly so with the French translation of the name of the machine, and it is written in capital letters will not, That is, it is not an acronym, despite the fact that is considered, that the letter M to remind of "Project M", That is, the models of "Other". No, the creators want to replace the "machine for losers" (so named 2CV), more precisely, how his candidacy, already offer customers something more similar to the "normal" car, more "friendly", at the same time - cheap, based on the 2CV chassis, and therefore did not fit into the naming of the then model canvas Citroen.

weak, but strong

The audience got acquainted with the car at the Paris Motor Show 1960 year, and even before the new year the first "otvortochnye" Party Ami with 2CV gathered in the Argentine factory Citroen, so Ami Year of Birth can safely assume that the 1960 th. In April 1961 Ami year will go on sale from all over Europe and began his decade: according to the firm "sitroenovskoy" book "Dates. With 1919 to the present day", c 1961 on 1991 done 1 035 866 Which 6 in the back of a car. With 1964 on 1971 years, with the assembly flow descended more 551 880 rounders, and a little later, we opened the assembly Ami 8, wherein, in two bodies. Before, how to deal with differences between Ami 6 и Friend 8, let's, that we - guests of the Paris Salon 1960 and inspect the interior of the new Citroen.

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Let's views on beauty asketychnыy Citroen Ami 6, which was produced in the 60 years of 170 000 Pieces per Month!

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Reflecting on the engine, French engineers have fluctuated between the two variations: 2-cylinder "boxer" by 2CV, which has "grown" up to then 425 "Cubes" — he wanted to "redouble", erecting a 4-cylinder air oppozitku, and 610 cc engine from Panhard. In those years, Citroen had a quarter of the shares and Panhard made full use of its dealers for the realization of their cars. so here, while production-ready model Panhard 24 and take from it the motor, It means - to create a direct competitor.

As a result, engineers have rejected both ways and just increment the working volume of the engine to the 2CV 602 "Cubes". Specifically, from the "engine capacity" and moved to the title of the model figure 6. With regard to the tax base, Ami then vpravdu, As expected from the press, It turned out to be a step above the 2CV, was "Trois-Shvo", ie the holder to pay taxes for contingencies "three horsepower", instead of two.

Besides comfortable, relatively 2CV, body, Ami offered an unusual dashboard, some on the motherboard model, you did not have in the absence of devices (only later appeared primitive speedometer). Improved airflow system: except deflectors, giving flow to the body and head, under the central panel there were more and flap, supplies air to the legs. Manage them could be through a cable drive, at the end of which - for the convenience of manipulation, small balls housed orange.

«What a freak!»: details about the Citroen Ami 6 in the test drive video

In the first version it is not very convenient to organize the boot opening system from the salon, but later on the cover of "suitcase" compartment appeared normal spring "larva". Pane windows of the second row, too, were not immediately, but then they, We made according to the standard front - sliding. The seats in the car - myagenkie, falling through, As, however, and suspension, lent Ami brand "sitroenovskoy" smoothness. Frenchman amazing, though not without hesitation, particularly noticeable in a vertical plane, copes with all, without exception, road obstacles. In particular, it is an excellent passes through the broad powerful speed bumps, which are in the exclusive suburb of Paris, where he passed our test, quite similar to the narrow plastic Moscow "bar".

Generally, We do not rush, let's see how can we run the engine - today's motorist, this method may seem a bit unusual. But compared with the gear shifting - is utter nonsense!

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Citroen Ami 6. As he starts and why not enough only the 1st key?

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Motor power after growth of displacement to 602 "Cubes" was only 20 hp, despite the fact that, it would be better to write "whole 20 hp ", as the engine of the first 2CV developed only nine horses! On the decline of motor careers Ami returns to raise 38 HP. On the other hand, Ami and weighed more - as much as 620 kilogram. well, let will pass on it, reload the machine more 2 girls. We'll see, whether it will extend the three?

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#Citroen Ami 6: daring overtaking in the ancient suburb of Paris. look, both stages are switched! #Citroen # retroavto #retrocars

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In the absence of a tachometer has to be guided by sound when switching, coming from beneath the seat bonneted, benefit from this "vent", he - persistent ringing, something reminiscent of the sound of two-stroke motorcycle. Its share in the acoustics puts, apparently, Free layout of the engine compartment - in an empty space of the motor often begins to go hum at high speeds, but it is not disturbing ringing, What happens in modern cars, when the tachometer needle dangles from reddish zone. There is in this Ami something of obedience laden donkeys. Generally, 20 horses - a force!

literally in 20 minutes you get used to the characteristics of the motor, and begin to actively slow down stairs, What this tiny motor, it seems, glad. The main thing is not to be mistaken with the transfer - in particular this is the hardest part. At first glance falls on a plate with a scheme, but little by little you start to get used to. Even loaded with 3 people, "Man's best friend" is accelerated surprisingly fast, at least, to 40 km / h. driving method is the same, as well as on modern machines feeble: more turn the engine, keep momentum in the middle zone. most are, in any case can not throw off the box on neutral, so that then leaves plenty of time for a set speed - like it or not, and "Friend" ours - not a quick car.

for the Spartans

As for the amenities, and hunt say, that they - in the yard. no adjustments, except for the opening air vents and ventilation. The control column - the most, that neither is traumatic, if anything - does not work out. Partly because of this, it tried to establish povertikalnee. One spoke steering does not cause any inconvenience, in the sense, that the rim is practically bends, but his position - like a bus, It delivers some inconvenience, especially with an active maneuvering. pedals, located on different sides of the steering "pipe" did not spoil the mood of the driver: on the left (the direction of travel) clutch set, Right - brake and gas right. in essence, on modern machines - just, a control column goes not into the floor, and forward, under the hood.

Naturally, definition of control can not speak, but no special skills "man's best friend" of the driver is not asking, controlled machine can and frail woman - for many Frenchwomen Ami has become an indispensable helper on the farm. I liked it, and then-first lady of France - Yvonne de Gaulle, which famously parked the car next to the white color with a huge presidential DS.

And why, of all the then "popular" cars she chose Citroen Ami, Was it not logical to support the president's family more attention 1st automaker? Oddly enough, for all model breadth French cars, except Ami choice was almost no. Renault woman President, who during the war he led the resistance, ride could not - Louis Renault was recorded collaborators, and the memory of the occupation was still fresh. To compete with her husband in the status and gain, let us say, Gregoire exclusive piece with the body of Chapron, It meant to move away from the common people and aristocracy to curtsy. The company has manufactured luxury minicar Autobleau, albeit on the basis of Renault Dauphine, but they were not mass - the main business of the company was production of spare parts. The same story was with Brissonneau brand, engaged in railway transport, Peugeot chose people, slightly firmer stand on his feet, than owners of Ami, they certainly did not need mental support of the first lady in the general, anyway, and another friend, Madame de Gaulle could not make for themselves.

As the French welfare of growth, Citroen Ami did not lose their own fans, Therefore, during the life of Ami 6 the assembly flow in 1969 year stood Ami 8 with increased impact motor and some "comfortable" options, and later it is time for Ami Super, for which still made 4-cylinder boxer engine. Which 8 also released 10 years, However, on a smaller scale - done 773 344 sedan and 405 808 rounders.

It is worth remembering, that descendant of 2CV Ami was not the only one - to 1967 on 1984 produced more and Dyane, whose appearance was more familiar, besides, that technique is no significant differences were. Could be, precisely because she lasted longer on the conveyor Ami. But the most famous version of this family became, naturally M35, equipped rotary-piston Wankel engine, generally, that's another story ...

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