electronic PTS: in Russia 1 July 2018 of the year. Advantages and disadvantages of electronic PTS

In Russia, with 1 July 2018 year will come to replace the cardboard electronic vehicle registration documents. "Auto Mail.Ru» turned out to figure out the basic details of the forthcoming reforms. Initially, the transition to electronic format of TCP in all member states of the Eurasian Economic Union (in Russia, Белоруссии, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan) It was to begin a year earlier, with 1 July 2017-th. However, due to the unavailability of the system start-up period of the project was transferred to a year.

Coming soon E Biography "steel horse" instead of the usual cardboard version of TCP - passport, that tells the full biography of your car, from the exit of the gate to the industrial utilization. Legal recognition of information contained will be electronic signatures of authorized persons.

In the long term, this measure is to eliminate fraud in the secondary market, one hundred percent of eradicating unscrupulous car owners and dealers. In addition, creation of a unified database of electronic passports to facilitate the work of tax and customs services, and will also make it virtually impossible for statement on the account stolen cars.

Electric PTS: in Russia 1 July 2018 of the year. Advantages and disadvantages of electronic PTS

Фото: In Russia, with 1 July 2018 year electrical PTS introduced. http://autompv.ru/

The idea to introduce electronic PTS began to take shape for a long time: in 2014 , representatives of the Governments of Belarus, Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation signed an intergovernmental agreement, to which later joined by new members of the Eurasian Economic Union (YeAES) - Armenia and Kyrgyzstan.

In the summer of last year the major manufacturers of vehicles of those States began testing a pilot version of the system, and at the moment automakers run in the final process of transition to electric passports, moreover, the database will be available to all interested parties: auto dealers, banks, insurance companies…

WITH 1 July 2018 Without exception, all car manufacturers must switch to e-passport system. From this date, paper PTS will no longer be made out, and with 1 July 2019 EAEC area, at the same fate awaits the rest of the manufacturers of machinery - self-propelled machines and the similar units.

Respectively, electrical design of passports will be produced by manufacturers of vehicles, and on imported cars will write out documents authorized by the organization (eg, customs). The electronic PTS will be given the same data, and that in the ordinary, from the make and model and ending with the year of issue and the environmental class.

But the most important thing, in electric cars passports plan include the following information:

how many people (or firms) owned car;
What types of insurance benefited from the owners (OSAGO or Casco);
public car accidents involved and what damage was;
any deficiencies identified during the technical inspections;
whether the machine is attended THAT on dealer service,
what are the burdens and restrictions.

I.e, buying an old car, everything about the machine can find out directly from PTS: here, eg, with 2015 , the machine has to go to the dealership TO, and in 2016 when run 40 000 km has become a party to the accident, in which the rear left fender and bumper are damaged. Perhaps, on such transparency, we could not even dream…

note, what of mandatory replacement of previously issued paper PTS electric is not planned. But the paper document will be taken, when will a place to record the new owners, or it will be spoiled - respectively, New application form will not be issued in exchange.

In addition, no one will prevent the owner of the machine to get "electric form" on their own - enough to pay 600 rubles (the estimated cost of such services) и готово. True, must be considered, that after this procedure was available at the hands of the paper will be declared invalid.

Advantages of e-PTS

The new document will connect voedinyzhdy a lot of information is now scattered, besidesthey will be able to take advantage of the accredited structures (as discussed above, banks, car showrooms and other, Who will pay for the use of the system), as well as the free base of the vehicle owner.

1. Electric impossible to lose your passport.

2. The document can be made any number of owners.

3. One database is quite confirm the purity of the legal vehicle.

4. The consumer will be able to track the complete history of the vehicle.

5. In a single database of passports can not be "reset" the number of hosts.

6. The database allows you to store any additional information (Accident, etc.).

Disadvantages of electronic PTS

Of course, without good old paper, many will feel uncomfortable… And questions still have enough. whether such informal "service" appears, as the removal and correction of "unnecessary" information from PTS? for example, if you want the owner of this, to sell recovered after a severe car accident.

Switching to electric instruments now quite common story. It is firmly and securely, just delete the document can not be. But as the client machines will check the electronic version, taking into account the confidentiality of the document?
Urvan Parfentevkoordinator Center benign Internet, senior analyst ROCIT

obviously, in the process of introduction of e-PTS system have the opportunity to have another issue. Advance them to predict simply impossible - in the world practice similar solution is offered for the first time, so there is a bit of a risk. But let's hope, that this project will be a complete success, and not complicate, and make life easier for motorists.

Source: https://auto.mail.ru

Alexander Topsky, Alexei Kovanova

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